Information for Program Managers

We know that your operators and franchisees have a multitude of tasks they must accomplish every day. Some of those are routine, like making sure shelves are stocked, and some are urgent, like finding a replacement for the employee who didn’t show up.  The busy day-to-day can make a focus on the customer experience seem a distant and intangible goal—and yet it’s absolutely critical to a thriving business.

When Market Force works with multi-location brands, we develop a set of location-level engagement and communication tools to highlight results and emphasize opportunities to do better. We’ll help you develop a package of materials that include manager’s training guides and tip cards, certificates of recognition, user guides for our reporting platform, and forums for discussing results. We want every operator empowered to drive change. 

Learn more about our Success Playbook, which gives managers all the tools they need to build their own plan to improve the customer experience for the highest ROI.

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