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Put plans into action

By far the hardest step of the 5 best practices for a customer experience program is putting the plan into action. 

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Using our KnowledgeForce reporting platform, executives, managers, franchisees and location-level operators can quickly drill into problem areas. But knowing the problems doesn't guarantee success. That's where our Success PlaybookTM action planning tool comes into play.

With Success Playbook each location can create an action plan for their unique environment and opportunities, taking into account exactly where they are falling short on delivering on the brand promise as well as what changes will deliver the highest ROI for that location.

Set goals, take action, see change

Of the five best practices identified by Market Force, being accountable for goals and driving change is by far the most difficult. Every location has opportunities to optimize its performance—whether to improve operational excellence, customer delight, or its financial performance. In order to perform at peak levels, each location needs to understand gaps in performance and how to solve those gaps. Market Force has designed a Success Playbook that every location can use to take action on the things that matter most.

To learn more about how this business performance improvement tool works, schedule a briefing with us or download the datasheet.  

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Success Playbook: Improve performance at every location

The performance of every location affects your brand. Poorly operated locations can drag down the reputation of every location carrying your brand's flag. If locations do not act on information, the time, resources and dollars spent on data collection are simply wasted.

Market Force’s Success PlaybookTM enables every location to set goals for operational excellence and customer experience, create action plans to solve for the gap, and measure progress against those goals. The Success Playbook includes gap to goal calculators, ROI analyses, tips and tools, your e-learning content, and action planning tools that can be monitored by managers and stakeholders. This online blueprint sets the strategies and tactics leading to the highest ROI for every location. 

The Success Playbook answers four critical questions:

  1. Where are my gaps in performance compared to expectations and corporate benchmarks?
  2. What should my team being working on in order to close those gaps?
  3. If I improve on specific behaviors and standards, what will be the outcome on customer loyalty or better financial performance?
  4. How do I monitor and track progress on specific actions that I’ve committed to do?
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