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Create the right measurement strategy to optimize your business

Empower your stakeholders, employees and customers with the right tools to gather insight and improve your bottom line. 

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What should we measure? What benchmarks should be set as expectations for our brand? How do we create reasonable performance goals for each location? How do we engage employees in our programs? How do we delight customers? These questions form the backbone of an effective measurement strategy.

Market Force's advisory professionals will assess and help you design a robust measurement system. We'll make sure you capture the right data, create meaningful insights that can be used by executives and key stakeholders, and empower every location to act with a clear end-goal in mind.

Align strategy to action

Every brand wants to spend its measurement dollars effectively—and that means measurement programs align to strategy. Market Force's team of strategic advisors and analytics professionals will help you allocate your measurement and market research dollars to answer your most critical business questions:

  • Do our current standards really matter to our customers?
  • What metric should we use to measure success, and what benchmarks shall we require?
  • Are locations in compliance with government regulations?
  • Is the investment in sales associate training paying off?
  • Will we cannibalize sales if we introduce new products or open new locations? 
  • Which customer segments is my brand attracting—and are those the right ones? 
  • Are my current compensation models, rewards, and recognition plans driving the right business outcomes?

Market Force will help you answer these and other strategic business questions by recommending a measurement solution maximizing your ability to leverage data, take action, and drive change. 

Right data. Right tools. Right actions.
= Highest ROI

Can you quantify the ROI you are getting out of your investment in measuring the customer experience and brand standards? Does your measurement system empower and enable your teams to drive your brand strategy and financial growth?

Market Force answers these very questions in our Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Workshops. Our team of experts, including vertical practice leads, data scientists, and research designers assess your organization's CX measurement strategy. We use our best practices framework to evaluate your current data collection questionnaires and methodologies, the analytics used to answer business questions, and how you empower teams to take action and hold them accountable for change. A CX Strategy Workshop culminates with an on-site executive readout summarizing where your brand executes well, gaps against best practices, and recommendations for change. You'll end up with a blueprint for optimizing your CX measurement system and leveraging the value of this critical investment.

Customer journey mapping

A customer journey map tells the story of the customer’s experience from first contact with your brand to potential end-of-life with your brand. Market Force's customer journey maps assess the channels customers use to engage with you. We identify customer expectations and frustrations at every touchpoint—and show the gaps in the overall omni-channel experience. A powerful combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies help marketers and operators bridge potential silos to create exceptional customer experiences. 

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