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What's your star rating?

Consumers now rely on customer reviews in making decisions about where to dine, where to stay, and where to shop. So keeping on top of your ratings, and in some cases responding, is critical.

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Negative reviews of your brand made on social media can impact your ability to retain customers as well as attract new ones. That's why it's important to keep on top of what consumers are saying, and intervene when necessary.

Market Force offers brands a way to seamlessly collect ratings and reviews across multiple social media forums, distilling these into scores for each location, as well as providing an analysis of written feedback with comment sentiment analysis.

What's your star rating?

The emergence of social media forums as a hub of customer reviews and ratings presents a whole new set of challenges to customer experience management and guest recovery. With over 92% of web users accessing review sites regularly, each negative comment compounds the impact sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp have on your brand as well as individual location performance.

How do you manage unsolicited feedback in a public forum? By capturing all social ratings and compiling them in one dashboard, where you can review, respond and understand what your customers are saying. Brands that work with us to capture this unsolicited feedback find that each location’s social reviews contain rich data that can be leveraged to help brands improve their operational performance.

Manual approaches are inefficient, ineffective and expensive. Market Force's Social Ratings & Reviews gives you access to a unified inbox to drive guest recovery actions, paired with advanced insight and analytics that use sophisticated natural language processing to provide real-time analysis of customer comments.

A detailed portrait of the customer experience at each of your locations is created seamlessly, saving you time and money. When integrated with other operational and experiential performance data such as mystery shops and satisfaction surveys in the KnowledgeForce Reporting Platform, your brand will have a single view to provide them with the necessary insight to drive enhanced customer experience.

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Review Trackers: What you can learn about the customer experience from online reviews

More and more consumers use review sites, and especially the star rankings or scores, in making decisions on where to dine, where to stay, and where to shop. For this reason, multi-location businesses need to stay on top of what consumers are telling the businsses via reviews. A Harvard Business School study found that a 1-star improvement on online review site Yelp translated to anywhere from a 5- to 9-percent revenue swing. So how can companies track both reviews and the commentary that comes with them?

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