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Leverage predictive analytics from Market Force to identify and act on your organization’s most important priorities to drive sales and profits. 

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Location-based data like customer experience surveys, mystery shopping and contact center give you visibility into current performance and customer perceptions. To change today’s possibilities into tomorrow’s realities, you will need to understand the highest impact actions that can be taken at every location. 

Some of those things cannot be changed or influenced by a store operator or franchisee. But every location will want to improve the things it does control. The Analytics and Insights team will help you identify how to maximize the revenue opportunities for every location and create a blueprint for success. 

Align vision to profits

To help you focus your precious resources, our Analytics and Insights team creates predictive models for both soft metrics (like overall satisfaction or Net Promoter Score) and hard financial KPI’s like same store comparable sales or revenue per available room. The team uses diverse data streams and statistical approaches to answer three questions:

  1. What matters most?

  2. Where are my opportunities for change?

  3. What ROI can I expect if I invest in making those changes? 

With this information, every location can be armed to address their unique challenges and opportunities. 

Insights from millions of comments

Customers and shoppers offer valuable insights about what they love—and what’s not so great—about your brand and your locations. How can you mine the millions of comments coming from social media, customer surveys, mystery shops, and contact center?

In two ways. Market Force offers native text analytics on its KnowledgeForce® platform. Powerful visualizations help you see trends and patterns in the data. In addition, the Analytics and Insights team uses text analytics to create structured (numeric) data with sentiment, categories, subcategories, and word patterns. That newly structured data can be used with any other variable or data set to create new insights, view trend lines and find emerging patterns. 

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Set goals, take action, see change

Of the five best practices identified by Market Force, being accountable for goals and driving change is by far the most difficult. Every location has opportunities to optimize its performance—whether to improve operational excellence, customer delight, or its financial performance. In order to perform at peak levels, each location needs to understand gaps in performance and how to solve those gaps. Market Force has designed a Success Playbook that every location can use to take action on the things that matter most. The Success Playbook includes gap to goal calculators, ROI analyses, tips and tools, and action planning tools that can be monitored by managers and stakeholders. This online blueprint sets the strategies and tactics leading to the highest ROI for every location. 

The Success Playbook answers four critical questions

  1. Where are my gaps in performance compared to expectations and corporate benchmarks?
  2. What should my team being working on in order to close those gaps?
  3. If I improve on specific behaviors and standards, what will be the outcome on customer loyalty or better financial performance?
  4. How do I monitor and track progress on specific actions that I’ve committed to do?

To learn more about how this business performance improvement tool works, schedule a briefing with us or download the datasheet.  

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