The role of mystery shopping

Measure every location’s delivery on the brand promise

Brands earn great reputations when every location consistently executes against the brand standards. Measure your ability to represent your brand to your customers.

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In every industry—retail, restaurant, grocery, banking, hospitality, or entertainment—brands want their managers, front-line employees, and franchisees to deliver their brand promise to customers. To do that, they invest in training and coaching and create compliance standards and guidelines.

The expectation? Regulatory compliance, operational excellence, sales teams equipped to maximize revenue, delighted customers, and a brand that has great value for its employees, franchisees, and shareholders.

300,000 mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping services measure allow you to "inspect what you expect," evaluating whether brand standards are met throughout all your locations. Market Force manages a base of 300,000 independent contractors delivering over 100,000 shops every month. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality programs in the industry. Our mystery shopping programs evaluate on-site location-level experiences, phone ordering processes, contact center experiences, and web site experiences.

Measure your standards

We design our questionnaires to align with your brand standards. What gets measured gets done. If you’ve invested in training, there’s no better way to measure whether training had an impact than by using mystery shopping. We can measure the simple things, like cleanliness, and the complex things, like sales effectiveness. Our clients use mystery shopping to coach their teams and help every location improve its delivery on the brand promise.

Data integrity matters

Market Force provides the highest quality mystery shopping programs in the world. To do this, we first focus on our independent contractors. All shoppers must go through a rigorous qualification process, ranging from IRS verification of both name and Social Security numbers to assessments of attention to details and association with various industries and companies. In addition, we audit 100% of our shop results—every single one. You can trust our data.

Make more money

Mystery shopping has two types of ROIs. First, mystery shopping can protect your brand’s reputation. Ensuring that every location and every franchisee is delivering on the brand standards means that the brand and all​ its franchisees win. Remember, a brand can be no better than its lowest performing operator.

Second, the operational standards assessed by mystery shopping can predict both customer loyalty and various financial outcomes—from same store comparable sales in the restaurant and retail industries to net acquisitions in the wireless industry. Now that’s worth measuring.


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Market Force completes over 100,000 assignments each month, and has the hightest-quality standards for shopper recruiting, data collection and reporting.

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