Focus Groups

A powerful qualitative measure

Sometimes there's no substitute to having a customer or a competitor's customer, in front of you telling you exactly what they like or don't like about their customer experience with a brand.

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Even better than a single consumer is a group of consumers engaged in a thoughtful discussion led by an experienced moderator who can ask for clarification, lead the group in brainstorming, uncover unmet needs, as well as watch the body language of participants and note the emotional content of their comments.

That’s why Market Force Information® offers focus groups as another qualitative measure that can provide insights that can be used as valuable input for both designing and refreshing quantitative programs such as mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys.

Choose from a pool of 1.6 million participants

Need to understand millennials with children under 5 years of age in the Midwest earning over $50K? Not a problem.

Our pool of 1.6 million participants are profiled on 210 data points that provide you with the ability to query on up to 2,000 distinct criteria. Profiles are continually updated, and the pool is refreshed with over 200,000 new participants each year. This gives you access to consumers, business professionals, millennials and many others to gain insights around perception, purchasing habits, behaviors and reservations.

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A few of the 210+ data points that profile focus group participants.

Focus groups held in 18 locations in the United States

Panels take place in one of 18 locations across the United States led by experienced moderators.

    • Appleton, WI
    • Atlanta (2 locations)
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Chicago – Oak Brook
    • Columbus
    • Dallas
    • Kansas City
    • Los Angeles (2 locations)
    • Minneapolis
    • New York City
    • Philadelphia
    • Philadelphia – Bala Cynwyd
    • Phoenix
    • St. Louis
    • Teaneck, NJ

    Online Focus Groups

    Online focus groups, conducted over computers and webcams, give Market Force clients more options. In online focus groups, participants can see other panelists, are led by an experience moderator, and include all of the brainstorming, ideation sessions and creative exercises of live events and can be facilitated far faster than traditional focus groups.

    The online focus groups are ideal for:

    • Creating a national panel
    • Targeting a group with a profile that is difficult to find in a single location
    • Targeting a geographic area not well-served by one of the 20 locations
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