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Engaged employees create exceptional customer experiences because they believe in your brand.

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Does your brand inspire employees to do their very best? Do your employees know what's expected of them? Do they love serving customers and creating great experiences? Do they have the tools and training to do their jobs well? Your employees can be exceptional champions of your brand, and that's a great business outcome for you.

Use Market Force's Employee Engagement services to ask your employees what they think about working for your brand. We'll help you understanding everything from the need for training to whether employees think the brand focuses on the customer experience. Then we'll model the data to show you how investments in employees will improve the customer experience, reduce costs, increase revenues, and mitigate risk for your brand.

Ask the ambassadors of your brand

Do your employees love coming to work? Do they live the brand and create exceptional experiences for your customers? Market Force's employee engagement surveys help you assess how you can create a more loyal and motivated employee base—at both the brand and location-level. Our Brand Championship Survey:

  • Measures the engagement of employees with your brand
  • Identifies areas of risk for the business
  • Links the impact of employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction, costs (e.g., labor), revenue and profit.

We help you identify which critical drivers of employee engagement matter most and which regions, managers, and locations need to improve on each of those drivers, and we'll help you build action plans for ensuring you reach your goals. 

Service Profit Chain model links engagement, revenue and costs

In 1994, Heskett et al. introduced the Service Profit Chain Model in an influential Harvard Business Review article. Market Force uses this time-honored framework to link employee engagement to increased customer loyalty, lower costs, and higher revenue and profit. We help you identify the areas of employee engagement that matter most and which locations, managers, and regions need to improve on each of those areas. We’ll help you build action plans to reach your goals in making every employee a champion of your brand. 


Market Force worked with a 国际真人游戏app下载home furnishings retailer to understand how employee engagement impacted both labor costs and customer loyalty. The findings? Locations with the most engaged employees had 30% lower absentee rates for scheduled workers, a 19% difference in employee turnover, and a 30% difference in loyalty. Based on the findings, this retailer chose to invest in its employees, focusing on creating pride in the brand and a customer focus. 

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