Customer Surveys

Every customer has a voice

Customer experience surveys allow you to hear the customers’ voice at both the brand and location level.


Market Force provides the latest in customer survey technology, allowing customers to voice their opinions using multiple channels including:  Online, email, SMS text, QR codes, IVR, and mobile app integration. Customers can use the channel that fits best to ensure you get rich data at every location. Structured data, coupled with open ended commentary, become your window into the customer's perspectives about their experiences with you. 

Our survey design couples a core question set for trending critical information over time with modular questions based on your specific needs. Our sophisticated survey engine provides exceptional fraud detection to protect the integrity of your data. Once validated, all surveys feed into our KnowledgeForce® reporting platform; and of course, we provide responsive design to support your mobile survey and reporting needs.

Every customer has a voice

Customer experience surveys allow you to hear the voice of the customer at both the brand and location level. Your survey is a powerful tool that provides actionable insights to every level of the organization. Market Force experts help you craft a great questionnaire to capture what matters most, capturing opinions with both numeric ratings and comments. We can handle very complex designs that require insights about multiple departments or rotating question sets, and we can trigger questionnaires based on certain customer comments or conditions at a particular site. Surveys can be deployed in virtually any language to support your global needs. Of course, customer surveys integrate with location-level measurement channels on our KnowledgeForce® technology platform.

Cast a wide net

Every location will benefit from a rich sample of customer experiences. To actively engage your customers, Market Force provides six methods for obtaining customer perspectves: Online, email, SMS text, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), QR codes, and survey integration inside your mobile app. This variety of channels for providing feedback creates a great survey-taking experience for your customers. The brand, operators, and franchisees can then act on the great new ideas, concerns, compliments, and perspectives that customers have taken the time to provide. 


Ask what you need to know

A decade of experience coupled with world-class analytics has resulted in a structured questionnaire design that can be tailored to your business needs. Our design teams will help you understand what is most important to ask for your industry, how to ask it, and what meaningful action you can take. We won’t waste your customers’ time answering questions with no value, and we’ll make sure you walk away with the data you need. We incorporate numeric and text-based feedback and can implement modular question sets based on current business objectives.

Ensure valid responses

The integrity of your data is of utmost importance. Market Force provides data authentication procedures to ensure data integrity and prevent survey fraud. Our automated system tests survey results in real time. Using a variety of algorithms we look for suspect patterns in your data and remove those that do not meet required criteria. Your data and reporting is always based on reputable responses from a wide cross section of customers.

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