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Inbound services recover customers and create advocates for your brand. Outbound services help you manage service appointments and generate traffic for your locations. 
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No matter how your customers reach out to you—whether via your website, email, social media, or on the phone—our Contact Center agents are ready to respond to protect your brand reputation. With centers in North America and Europe, our multi-lingual, highly trained agents respond 24/7 with a friendly voice, making things right for unhappy customers or passing along compliments to your teams.

Our contact center is fully integrated with our mystery shopping and customer survey solutions. Executives, managers, and locations have one view into all three data streams to monitor performance on brand standards, customer delight, and customer complaints. Our KnowledgeForce®​ platform provides this integrated view. You'll never have to create another spreadsheet. 

Inbound Services

Our contact center helps you recover your customers and create brand advocacy—and that protects the reputation of both your brand and every location. Market Force’s customer service agents respond to your customers’ requests to provide information and resolve issues. We respond via any channel your customers may use, including phone, email, web comment, social media and postal mail, and we do so in English, French, Spanish and other specialty languages. The contact center also provides fulfillment services including letters, gift cards, coupons and specialty award programs as specific to your business.

Outbound services

Our customer service agents perform outbound functions that aid companies in setting appointments, completion surveys or conducting phone based mystery shopping operations. In today’s competitive, “get it done now” environment, customers want to book service appointments quickly and efficiently. Our outbound calling services free your organization to focus more closely on their operations and delivering great customer experiences. 

Social Media Monitoring

When customers post negative commentary to social media, it’s critical that you respond quickly and take that conversation offline. Market Force monitors your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and TripAdvisor by proactively reaching out to unhappy customers and addressing their concerns. We use text analytics to gain insight into all those unstructured comments and link those comments to specific locations. That drives incremental improvement, one customer at a time. 


Managing Your Spend on Inbound Services

We know you’d rather not have a contact center. But no brand is perfect, and there will be issues. To ensure that you manage your contact center spend wisely, you will want your front line managers to be well-equipped to deliver on your brand standards and create great customer experiences. That said, there are three things to consider that will help manage the number of agents required for your program:

  1. Estimated number of contacts and their duration
  2. The hours of operation
  3. Service levels as defined by Market Force and you

Market Force is the perfect partner to help you recover customers while wisely managing to your budget. 

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