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Ensure compliance and delight moviegoers

Audit ticket sales, ensure trailers play on schedule, create great experiences for patrons, and measure advertising impact. 

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With over 50 years' experience in the entertainment industry, Market Force provides motion picture studios and their promotional partners with the on-site information needed to ensure an outstanding theatre experience for their films, maximize promotional efforts and drive profits on every film. Our mystery shopping and audit services provide both studios and theatres with compliance information so they can be better partners and delight film-goers with exceptional experiences.

Services include:

  • Trailer checks – blockbuster and first shows
  • Promotional material installation and audits
  • Lobby material checks
  • Patron counts – overt and covert
  • Perfect presentation checks – projection and sound quality evaluations
  • Seating capacity checks
  • Anti-piracy checks
  • Pre-show programming checks
  • Audience traffic/audience build checks
  • Mystery shopping for theatre experience
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Studios and brands spend millions of dollars advertising on theatre movie screens. To measure the effectiveness of those advertising dollars, Market Force conducts intercept studies to measure patron’s reactions to advertising and measure changes in intended behavior. Studios can measure intent to see new releases based on reactions to trailers and begin to estimate sales for opening weekend. Advertisers can measure the impact of their messaging by assessing product recognition, advertising recall, and intent to purchase. Both studios and advertisers can then adjust their messaging to engage their target audience.

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Global box office ticket sales will top $100 billion in 2016. That's big business. All of Market Force's theatre services scale across the globe. Our mystery shopping and audit services will ensure that patron counts match ticket sales, trailers are played with the right movies at the right times, theatres are delivering exceptional experiences, and advertising materials are correctly displayed. One partner, managing across many countries, in one efficient system. 

On-site audits for concession stands

Even with slotting fees and commitments from movie theatres, you may not be getting what you expect. Do you have the right product placement? Is the planogram being followed? How many facings were you promised? Is the pricing correct? Expert auditing services from Market Force Information® give you current, accurate intelligence, from where it matters most—the field. 

Our team of 300,000 contractors across North America uses our Eyes:OnTM mobile app to conduct on-site audits and upload results and digital pictures of concession conditions in real time. The app allows on-site auditors to complete questionnaires with their smartphones and tablets. Geo-location and geo-fencing technologies help auditors easily link to the theatres where they are evaluating concession stands, and auditors can complete their work offline even if connectivity drops. 


An entertainment company wanted to know whether movie advertising influenced consumers to vacations that included cruises and theme parks. To answer this question, Market Force created a research study using customer intercepts.

Key to the research was a sampling strategy that created a test and control group. Market Force interviewed moviegoers as they left the theatre and compared results for those who had been exposed to the advertising and those who had not. Results? Very high unaided and aided recall of the ad played before the movie, medium recall of lobby standees, and a 6% increase in likelihood to consider theme parks and cruises as part of their vacation options. The entertainment company could check the box on advertising effectiveness and use the messaging going forward.

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