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When guests walk into your hotel, will they receive the exceptional experience you want to deliver? How will you know? Market Force provides customer surveys that measure the experience from reservation to check out. Guests can provide feedback on every aspect of their stay, ranging from breakfast food quality to internet access to comfortable beds. Guest comments provide rich insight into experiences at both the brand and location level. Surveys are connected to loyalty memberships so you know what your valued guests think—and can prioritize any investments for customer recovery. By focusing on the details, every guest will receive the exceptional experience you want to deliver.

How do guests research where to stay? How do they select your hotel over another? When they make a reservation, do they understand exactly what they will get when they arrive at the hotel—or did they have the wrong expectations? Market Force’s customer journey mapping service maps the steps guests use in their decision to stay—or not stay—with you. You can then prioritize where to make changes at each touchpoint—and delight your guests along the way.

We use quantitative and qualitative methodologies to map the opportunities and potential frustrations at every touchpoint:

  • How and whether reservation comparisons are made between competitive brands
  • Influence of social media reviews like Trip Advisor
  • Online vs. phone reservation experiences
  • Arrival process from parking to bell hop
  • Check in experiences—either at the registration desk or at the kiosk
  • Use of amenities and services in the hotel
  • The check out process

Every hotel location has opportunities for improvement. Market Force’s Success PlaybookTM will help each location create a unique plan to identify those opportunities, set goals for improvement, estimate the return for meeting those goals, and monitor whether planned actions actually happen. We will help you set benchmarks for performance, and then create location-level goals to solve for gaps in performance on the critical drivers of the guest experience. One hotel location may need to focus on the arrival experience, another on the checkout experience. No matter what opportunity or challenge is identified, change cannot happen without action. The Success Playbook empowers operators with the tools to take the most important actions quickly and positively impact guest loyalty and financial KPI’s.  


For one hotel client, Market Force used text analytics to structure open-ended guest compliments into categories. We then looked at differences in business and leisure guest commentary to look for major differences. Operators used individual comments to inspire their teams.

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