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Brand promise and differentiation—whether it be low price, product selection, the cashier and bagging experience, or departmental service—is critical to your success in earning the loyalty of every customers.  

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We all need to eat—and that means that consumers shop at your stores on a regular basis. Competition for those consumer dollars has become intense, with pressure from convenience stores and mass retailers feeding into the mix. Brand promise and differentiation—whether it be low price, product selection, the cashier and bagging experience, or departmental service—is critical to your success in earning the loyalty of every customer. 

Market Force helps you focus your in-store measurement programs so that you get insight at the department level. You can measure experience in your staffed (and high margin) departments like deli, seafood, meat and bakery focusing on staff courtesy and product knowledge. You can measure whether your aisle pricing is visible and accurate. And you can ensure that your customers have a friendly, efficient check-out experience with merchandise appropriately bagged. Our solutions will help you get insight for every location and every department.  

Customers provide feedback to you across multiple listening posts, including customer experience surveys, social media, and contact center. Each gives you a different view into both your brand's performance and that of every location. Market Force provides solutions for each of these grocery customer feedback channels surveys--and puts all of the information in one place on our KnowledgeForce reporting platform. No more spreadsheeting, no more scrambling to find information. It's all in one place. 

Our grocery solutions focus on obtaining actionable data at the location and department level. We know that grocers have unique needs, like integrating loyalty card information with customer feedback to understand how you serve your most valued customers vs. your occasional customers. We know you have click-and-collect experiences and mobile apps. We consider all of this and more when designing customer experience surveys and measurement solutions that help you win the customer loyalty game. 

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Grocers face unique challenges in managing their employees. Employees who don't show up for work create chaos on the floor. Sloppy bagging, staff who point to an aisle rather than walking a customer to an item, inefficient line management, or a butcher who can't explain meat cuts all contribute to poor customer experiences and make your brand vulnerable to competitive threats. How can you ensure that your employees are champions for your brand? 

Market Force provides employee engagement surveys to measure what matters most to employees. We connect those drivers of the employee experience to the ones that most impact customer experience. We can help you monetize investments in your employees by seeing the relationship to lower absentee and turnover rates, increased customer loyalty, and increased household spend. That comprehensive picture will help you prioritize your investments in employee training. Dollar for dollar, what matters most? 

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Wegmans is America’s favorite grocery retailer, according to an annual consumer study of more than 12,800 shoppers conducted by Market Force. Publix, which tied with Wegmans for the top spot last year, is a close second, followed by Trader Joe’s, ALDI and H-E-B. This is the third consecutive year that Wegmans has ranked first in the study, after unseating long-running favorite Trader Joe’s in 2016.


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In our 2017 Market Force survey, one in ten consumers said they were dissatisfied with their last grocery experience. That leaves brands vulnerable to competition and the draw of a great promotion. To create a better experience, brands needs to focus on cashier courtesy and checkout speed, department level service, cleanliness, and availability and selection of merchandise. To see how specific grocery brands score on each of these metrics:

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