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Measure your transportation company’s delivery on customer expectations for accessibility, value, and sustainability initiatives. Increase your market share with higher ticket sales.

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In the competitive transportation world—whether it be bus, air, rail, taxi, or Uber—customers’ demand value. They will judge your brand on the ability to provide quality, flexibility, innovation, sustainability, convenience, and price. Their perceptions of your capabilities in these areas will impact your ticket sales and market share. 

Market Force can help you design a measurement program to ensure you are meeting—even exceeding—customer expectations. Our combined mystery shopping and customer experience survey programs assess every aspect of the customer experience—from ticket purchase to station experience to on-time arrivals. Overall scores and those for specific competencies or focus areas feed into our KnowledgeForce reporting platform. Executives, managers and operators can easily identify opportunities and challenges and take action.

Your customers provide a wealth of information from customer experience surveys, social media, and your branded apps. How do you gain insights from the hundreds of thousands—even millions—of comments? Market Force’s text analytics engine processes customer commentary to determine sentiment and categories. These can then be trended over time. You can determine whether your facilities and operators address key pain points surfaced in the comments and if not, determine root cause and take action. 

Not all customers are created equal. Some will be very receptive to your brand offerings, others will not. Some customers present high-value opportunities for growth, others will only consume your resources without much return. Market Force delivers in-depth customer segmentation studies that identify clearly defined customer groups, attaches a value to them, describes them, and prioritizes opportunities for investment. This means you can optimize your marketing dollars for your transportation, focusing your messaging where it will resonate best.


For a rail company, we assessed customer perceptions of their entire suite of solutions using mystery shopping. The goal? Understand how to create more promoters and highly loyal customers, focusing on those who were less loyal. Market Force assessed eight competencies and found three critical areas of focus. Result? New plans to improve the competencies for the brand as a whole and at specific stations.

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