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Quick, clean, hassle-free. It’s the brand promise of every convenience store. How do you beat the competition with a superior customer experience? 

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Your brand may be one of the majors or a regional player working with marketers, distributors, or corporately owned locations. No matter who owns and operates a location, that location needs to execute on the brand's standards. Our Analytics and Insights team has proven time and again that a clean, well-run location increases fuel volume and c-store sales. That means everything from clean fuel dispensers at the pump to clean restrooms in the c-store to a friendly and efficient cashier. 

Our mystery shopping solutions assess execution on your petro-convenience brand standards. Every location can be measured on any number of attributes, answering questions like: 

  • Do amenities like car wash, air, and pumps work? 
  • Is signage on pumps compliant with EPA regulations
  • Are correct c-store POPS materials in place?
  • Are bollards freshly painted and brand flags correctly displayed? 

Ensuring that you have the highest quality operational excellence for each of your locations will help your brand increase its fuel volume and help marketers and operators increase their c-store sales in this highly competitive market. 

How do you obtain feedback on the pump and c-store experience from busy consumers? Market Force has found that short surveys targeting smart phones and loyalty card holders works best. SMS text and QR codes, as well as email pushes to loyalty card members, provide the richest data at the location level. Our questionnaires focus on a few questions coupled with open-ended text and the option to have additional questions should consumers want to give more feedback. We can also alert managers to serious problems or route problem experiences to our contact center. 

All measurement channels, including customer experience surveys, feed into our Knowledge Force reporting platform. Operators can review feedback and coach team members on how to better serve consumers--and provide them with instant recognition when consumers compliment them for great service. That creates pride in the brand and helps you grow market share in this extremely competitive space. 

You undoubtedly measure your locations on gallons sold. But do you know the drivers of volume? Allow yourself to be surprised--it's not just about price. Market Force's Analytics and Insights specializes in predictive modeling for the petro-convenience space. Our work has identified specific drivers of fuel volume related to site attributes, available amenities, operational excellence, consumer experience, and consumer complaints. The models show where to focus an operator's time and attention to gain more market share within their competitive space, focusing on the things that can be controlled within his or her four walls. 

When you have a clear business case for requiring excellent operational excellence and a focus on the consumer experience, your potential customers will take notice and want to carry your flag. That's a win for everyone. 

Market Force's Fuel Forecast Indicator

Market Force has developed a new site-based reporting tool allowing marketers and operators to determine how improvements in brand standards compliance will increase fuel volume sales. The Fuel Sales Forecaster combines insights gathered from mystery shopping and audit programs to provide insights into which levers sites can pull to drive increases in gallons sold.

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Phillips 66 Launches Retail Excellence Program

Phillips 66 found that locations that received monthly mystery shops, along with reports that pinpointed action plans for improvement, reported higher customer satisfaction. As a result, the company is rolling out its Retail Excellence Program to all 8000+ locations. Operations will be assessed with monthly mystery shops and consumer input captured in surveys. These results are coupled with financial data, and powerful, predictive analytics to pinpoint what matters most to consumers and what specific changes at each location will have the biggest impact on sales.

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Featured News

Phillips 66 Launches Market Force's Fuel Forecast Indicator

Market Force and Phillips 66  have developed and deployed a new reporting tool that allows marketers and operators of the Phillips 66 brands to predict how improvements in consumer experience can grow fuel volume sales. The Key Driver Fuel Forecast Indicator leverages insights gathered from Phillips 66’s mystery shopping and audit programs to formulate predictions that can drive change and improvements in terms of gallons sold.

Using the power of sophisticated financial modeling, the Market Force Analytics & Insights team identified the key operational metrics that drive fuel volume performance. Working with Market Force’s technology team, these insights were incorporated into a web-based performance calculator that shows operators how improvements on specific metrics can increase fuel volume at the site level. Now, an operator can understand the potential ROI for enhancements, enabling them to make more informed decisions about the management of each site in the system.


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Phillips 66 renews partnership with Market Force to fuel an exceptional customer experience

Market Force and Phillips 66 have renewed their partnership to fuel exceptional customer experience across more than 7500 locations. To help sites meet brand standards, Phillips 66 employs multiple measurement tools from Market Force, including consumer satisfaction surveys, monthly mystery shopping and semi-annual brand compliance audits for all its sites. Additionally, Phillips 66 uses Market Force’s KnowledgeForce® platform, which funnels data streams from all measurement tools – including call center data – into a comprehensive view of how their locations are performing. KnowledgeForce analytics provide insights into loyalty and financial modeling, empowering Phillips 66 to measure the variables that affect satisfaction and determine where improvements are needed to drive fuel sales.

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