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Building trust with your customer base as shelter in place restrictions are lifted is critical.
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Strictly adhering to guidelines set by local governments is the first line of defense in building trust during these uncertain times.

Followed by adopting consumer-facing considerations such as plexiglass shields, providing hand sanitizer, and managing social distancing throughout the in-store customer journey are all actions you can take to build trust and loyalty with guests who enter your business.
1. Understand Consumer Sentiment
Learn what matters to consumers today. What will they need to feel safe in your business? Schedule a guided review of Market Force’s longitudinal study of changing consumer expectations and behaviors to ensure that you re-launch your brand effectively.

2. Conduct Brand Trust Audits
Seeing is believing, and missteps in operational execution will be costly. If your consumers do not see that your staff or customers are not adhering to government guidelines, you will be placing market share at risk. Brand Trust Audits are an effective early warning system to ensure that each location is following the appropriate procedures to protect your business from safety risks, fines, and costly customer attrition. Non-compliance triggers alerts and warnings are provided to team members who can, in turn, deploy corrective action in real-time. Evaluation results are uploaded and stored on the KnowledgeForce® Platform to create organization-wide visibility to critical issues.

3. Utilize the Eyes:On Mobile Audit App
Empower your location leadership to take matters into their own hands and equip your team with the Eyes:On Mobile Audit App to ‘inspect what they expect’ at each location. Set the cadence for visit frequency, monitor compliance with standards, and view pictures to provide evidence that plans are executed effectively. Results from Eyes:On are uploaded and stored on the KnowledgeForce® Platform.

Define Your Strategy

Is it time to rethink your 2020 strategy? As most businesses are experiencing financial stressors, our clients are being asked to do more with less creating more pressure than ever to re-ignite sales as stores re-open.

Now is the time to implement a system that provides transparency and visibility into operational performance across the organization so you can provide leadership assistance where it is needed most. If you need a second opinion or would like support with your relaunch strategy, please get in touch.
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